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From ExactTarget to Salesforce to Bubblebox

It’s not often that you get to experience a little bit of magic in your professional life. I feel fortunate to have felt this way twice. First, in my role with Salesforce (starting with Exa... Read more

Janine Chin-Hollick
Product Features

What is Salesforce Marketing Cloud?

Salesforce Marketing Cloud has a rich history of helping companies to authentically engage with their customers or clients. Some may remember the ExactTarget platform; Marketing Cloud is the renamed/rebranded ExactTarget pla... Read more

Paul Gordon

What is Email Marketing?

At its core, email marketing is the use of email to promote products and services. It is just one segment of Internet marketing, but it is a key element in a marketing strategy. Done right, it can generate exceptional result... Read more

Paul Gordon
How to

Do You Know What You Need in an Implementation Strategy?

The business decision to move to an integrated systems approach through a Salesforce platform, including Marketing Cloud and/or Service Cloud, allows you to create a strong customer journey and build ongoing engagement. To d... Read more

Paul Gordon

Reaching the customer in the health industry

Healthy Customer Engagement   I recently found myself speaking with senior professionals who manufacture or market health supplements. It was interesting to take a deeper dive into what their speci... Read more

Paul Gordon

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