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Video Playback - How Marketers Can Adapt to Apple's Privacy Protection and Hide My Email Release

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Bubblebox - Cross Cloud Experts
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How to Win at Email Marketing Using List and Data Extensions in Marketing Cloud

Say you're a marketer for a retail store looking to create more stickiness.  You're already leveraging email addresses collected from ne... Read more

Alex Mazzarella - Technical Consultant
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Why Your IP Address is Affecting Your Email Deliverability (And What to Do About It)

So, you’re working on your email deliverability and you’ve stumbled across IP addresses — but you’re not sure what that means exactly.  Read more

Adam Jesse - Technical Consultant and Team Manager

Allant Group POV: Changes to Third-Party Cookies: The First-Party Revolution is About to Begin

Google Chrome, the most widely used desktop browser, recently announced that it is delaying its plan to phase out third-party cookies until 2023.  This is a full year later than originally p... Read more

Guest author: Mary Kay Scholtens, SVP Data & Identity Services, Allant Group, LLC
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What is SSL Certificate and Why It Matters

In the digital world, brands need to stay on top of their customer experience.  When asked what their biggest fears are with the online experien... Read more

Adam Jesse - Technical Consultant and Team Lead

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