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Tourism Whistler is the non-profit member-based marketing and sales organization representing Whistler. They represent more than 7,000 members who own, manage and operate properties or businesses on resort lands including hotels, restaurants, activity operators and retail shops. Their overall mission is to inspire the world to experience Whistler time after time.


Whistler is a must see destination that is tailored for all seasons. From ziplining to skiing and everything in between, Tourism Whistler has something for everybody. But in order to help their visitors take full advantage of what’s to offer, the Marketing team at Tourism Whistler wanted to create a more personalized user experience on their website. 


Driving positive customer experience through personalized content

According to Salesforce’s report “State of the Connected Customer”, 76% of consumers expect companies to understand their needs and expectations. Failing to provide customers with a personalized experience increased the likelihood of them switching brands, ultimately negatively impacting the business. The Tourism Whistler team knew they had to leverage their data to better serve their customers and elevate their experience. 


Together we’ve identified that the Tourism Whistler website was a great place to start to incorporate dynamic content and turn their static website into a personalized customer experience. Their website includes a variety of activities and events occurring throughout the year, up-to-date weather conditions, and best accommodations and packages for one’s visit to Whistler. As the seasons change, the content reflects the activities best suited for that time of year. 


Although there are many great activities to experience and promote, relying on web behaviour was our first step to delivering a web experience as unique as the customer. By displaying custom content relevant to the specific user’s habits and interests, we were aiming to increase user engagement, click-through rate, and sales, ultimately improving the efficiency of the online shopping process.


In order to make this possible, the Bubblebox team, through features available from Fresh Relevance,  dynamically replaced an offer on the main web page with an image and offer that better suits the visitor viewing the page. If there is no customer data available, a default offer and image will be displayed.


If the customer browses any of the predetermined activities, an image related to this activity will be displayed. For example, if a customer browses ziplining, a content block will display a promotional banner related to ziplining. The slot will be configured to only display a promotion should there be at least 1 of the 5 predetermined activities present in the browsing history of the visitor over the past 30 days. Should no products match, the rule described will return the default tile graphic. If a customer has already booked an activity from the list, that activity will be skipped and the next activity in the hierarchy will be displayed instead.



“With the help of Bubblebox, we were able to display deals that we know will be of interest to the customer at the right time based on what they browsed or ordered in the past. Our mission was  to increase online activity bookings and encourage visitors to experience the amazing activities that our resort members have to offer here in Whistler. With Bubblebox on our team, we’re realizing our mission to provide a unique and personalized online experience,” said Sean McDonald, Manager of Digital Content. 



Within 30 days of implementing personalized online activity focussed promotional offers, Tourism Whistler has seen an increase in online activity bookings, an increase in general online engagement especially on the specific activity product pages and a resulting increase in activity members brand awareness


“We’re looking forward to expanding our online personalisation strategy , delivering relevant and personalized content to our resort visitors. We’re excited to continue our partnership with Bubblebox and implement a cohesive personalization strategy across more areas of the website, pushing the boundaries of both online and email personalization, to improve customer experience.”  said Sean.

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