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Event Recap

Recently Nancy Kwan - Director, Digital Marketing at Bubblebox spoke at a Virtual Event where she addressed common questions about the impacts to email marketing strategies due to the recent Apple Mail Privacy Protection Release in September 2021.

Check out the video playback here.  This session is great for digital marketing professionals looking to understand the recent changes.

Here are some key reference points in the video to fast forward to the areas you want to learn more about.

- [00:01:02]. What is Apple's Mail Privacy Protection

- [00:05:44]. What is Hide My Email

- [00:11:38].  The Impact on Your Business

- [00:17:14]. How to Get Started

- [00:20:12]. Moving Forward - 1 - Focus on Actionable Metric 

- [00:28:41]. Moving Forward - 2 - Segmentation & List Cleaning

- [00:36:06]. Moving Forward - 3 - Journey Triggers for Automated Emails

- [00:37:48].  Moving Forward - 4 - Trust and Privacy

- [00:40:27]. Moving Forward - 5 - RFV - Recency, Frequency and Volume Models

- [00:42:54]. Next Steps


Take the time to get everyone in your organization up to speed on the recent changes. If open rates have been a critical component of your reporting to management, join this session to see how you can move forward and start discussing what you need to prioritize, resource and plan to continue to succeed.

If you have questions?  We're here to help!  Contact us today