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We are Salesforce experts – on top of ever-changing technology and firmly rooted in strategic, marketing (ExactTarget) know-how. The Bubblebox team works with leading global brands and small companies. Exceeding your expectations is a ‘typical day’ for us. We bring a strategic, customer-service centric approach that addresses your unique needs. Our goal is to leverage your data to drive engagement and revenues.

In a world that can feel increasingly disconnected when it comes to customer-service, it is our priority. We help you improve results, increase revenue through a collaborative partnership culture. We care. And it shows – in our customer relationships and in your results

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200+ Clients. 2000+ solutions.
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We thought we might.
We have worked with customers in every industry sector, helped with key marketing and business challenges and found strategic ways to create engagement and increase revenue. We are a team of multi-dimensional Cross-Cloud experts - who are easy to work with. We’re the whole package.

The Bubblebox Team

Our team is exceptional. If we do say so ourselves. As a group and as individuals, our skill sets, technology expertise and marketing strategy are world class. We bring great value to our customers. Learn more about each of us here.

Paul Gordon
Co-Founder & Managing Director
Paul has an exceptional (and rare) ability to clearly identify digital marketing roadmaps to success for customers. He has experience working with a wide range of platforms, technologies and industries. This, coupled with his in-depth understanding of the capabilities of Salesforce in meeting the expectations of today’s ever-evolving consumer requirements, allows him to deliver exceptional results for customers using the Salesforce Cross-cloud platform.
Tracey Gordon
Co-Founder & VP, Professional Services & Strategy
Tracey leads the Bubblebox team to generate exceptional results for customers. This includes - and goes far beyond - having the (current and ever-evolving) technical skill sets to realize, not just what can be done, but what will create strong ROI and support the customer’s business objectives. It includes the ability to understand the unique needs of the industry, the customer’s individual challenges, opportunities and resourcing abilities - and to define a sales and marketing strategy that effectively addresses these elements.
Adam Jesse
Technical Consultant
Using Bubblebox’s collaborative culture to knowledge share with customers.
Alisha Dhawan
Office Manager
Supporting team members to achieve short and long-term goals
Andrew Ellis
Technical Consultant
Using Marketing Automation and Data Segmentation to create opportunity and results for customers.
Arthur Santos Miranda
Technical Consultant
Helping customers with data driven marketing across various channels
Erika Cisneros
Office Manager - MAT LEAVE
Empowering the team with skills and support for success.
Hedi Hrichi
Technical Consultant
Enabling customers on applications that help them with data driven marketing across various channels
Janine Hollick
Director, Business Growth
Two Parts Sales Professional, One Part Digital Marketer, all around People person - I am passionate about building relationships, strategy development and solving problems.
Jeff Summers
Technical Consultant
Focusing on mixing the right people, process, and technology.
Josh Hoff
Technical Consultant
Develop and architect technical marketing cloud solutions for our clients
Kathleen Mosbey
Enhance the effectiveness of project implementations
Kit Shepetys
Project Manager
Delivering quality solutions and exceptional customer service
Lucas Costa
Technical Consultant
Using Web development and design to bring brands to life in the Clouds.
Mark Graham
Technical Consultant
Solving design challenges, implementing solutions and enabling our customers with hands-on training to help them grow
Nancy Kwan
Director, Digital Marketing
Focused on driving organizational growth through digital strategies, marketing automation and continuous optimizations
Rob Dunn
Head of Professional Services
Responsible for leading the professional services team to deliver all projects across Canada and the US
Sarah Baudner
Customer Success Manager
Building meaningful and strong relationships with our Customers all while driving success
Tom Keane
Account Executive
Laser focused on customer success, a Salesforce alumni, loves finding solutions to ever evolving challenges. Extensive knowledge of Salesforce platform.
William Araujo
Technical Consultant
Passionate about design principles and how to combine creativity with code.
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