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My name is Sean Brennan, I'm with a Canadian Life insurance company, our name is ivari. We've been around for about 80 years but our name changed about four years ago and we used to be part of Transamerica Life Canada.

We've been with Bubblebox now for about a year and a half as an implementation firm. They took over from a relationship from another implementation firm and their relationship has been amazing ever since. They've helped us a lot with streamlining how we use Marketing Cloud and helping us understand how to simplify our usage. What we've noticed since we started using Bubblebox, our benefit of using Marketing Cloud has increased, meaning the ease of how we use the system has drastically increased.

Our older implementation firm did everything for us and our team didn't actually know how to use Marketing Cloud on their own. Bubblebox instead has focused mainly on making sure that our team understands what they're doing and how to do it themselves. Our understanding of Marketing Cloud and how to innovate with it using our own team has dramatically increased. They've become our trainer and a very good one at that.

I've used a lot of implementation firms for various things. I have a lot of negative experiences with a lot different implementation firms because they don't understand our business or they don't understand how how to actually integrate different systems.

When it comes to Bubblebox, I have nothing but good things to say. They are an amazing team to work with.

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