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About The Liberal Party

The Liberal Party of Canada is a major national political party in Canada. They are one of the longest-standing political parties in the world, representing Canadians in federal politics for much of Canada's history.


The Liberal Party is refining the constituent experience with Marketing Cloud

With an upcoming Federal election, the Liberal Party of Canada was focused on mobilizing grassroots fundraising support, deepening the engagement of new volunteers on campaign teams, and ensuring personalized experiences for email communications to new supporters over email.


With two official languages in Canada — English and French — it was vital for the Liberal Party to ensure language preferences were resolutely respected, enabling all Canadians to always engage with email communications in their preferred language.


“With Bubblebox, we’ve been able to elevate our use of Marketing Cloud to engage more Canadians in our movement and campaigns. Their deep understanding of the platform and out-of-the-box thinking allowed us to leverage Marketing Cloud in ways we didn’t know was possible, which played a key role in our engagement and mobilization efforts for our 2019 federal election campaign. Even though it was a short timeline, the quality of service we received was outstanding. Thank you!”

Heather Botham, Manager, Email Engagement



A welcome journey to create a first and lasting impression

It was important for the Liberal Party of Canada to create a strong and lasting impression with new supporters, so we worked closely with their team to refine an existing welcome flow. By understanding the key goals for new supporters, we helped transform the welcome experience from a single email to a multi-part series. In addition to generating engagement, creating trust, and starting meaningful conversations, the welcome emails also helped the Liberal Party determine how supporters were introduced to programs for grassroots fundraising and volunteer engagement.


Creating a bilingual preference center for a better experience

With two official languages in Canada, it was important for the Liberal Party to provide supporters with the ability to seamlessly update their language preferences and receive communications in their preferred official language. That meant creating a custom preference center using Marketing Cloud’s CloudPages which displayed the preference page in the supporter’s language of choice, as indicated on their Sales Cloud record. This was a significant focus for the Liberal Party, ensuring that all Canadians could interact and engage in their preferred language across every single email touchpoint.

Now, following our engagement, the preference center not only displays in the constituent’s preferred language, but also adjusts if language preference is changed. And of course, all preference changes are automatically updated on the constituent’s contact record in Sales Cloud.

These seemingly small and simple changes have made a large impact, enabling the Liberal Party of Canada to fulfill its fundamental commitment to respect the preferred language of its supporters and foster strong lasting relationships with new supporters.


A vote of confidence for Marketing Cloud

With the introduction of the welcome Journey, the Liberal Party is now able to offer a well-tested and thorough approach to converting new supporters into active volunteers and grassroots donors. Through the preference center, they have the foundation to fully ensure that both of Canada’s official languages are respected. All of this sets the stage for further personalized messaging and outreach, helping the party keep in touch with the issues and ideas people care about.