We are Salesforce experts, with extensive marketing strategy experience and the ability to plan and implement.
We create results for our customers. Always.

Ensuring that marketing and sales work seamlessly is vital to your business’ success. The team at Bubblebox are experts in delivering the right blend of technology and services to quickly generate results. Lead nurturing via multiple channels provides qualified leads – people who are ready to buy. We'd love to hear from you.
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Every interaction with your customers should be recorded and available in one place. With easy access to this data, you can deliver exceptional customer service and turn potential customers into long-term advocates. Bubblebox knows CRM. We can unlock capacity. We'd love to hear from you.
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The ability to execute, test, optimize and automate sales and marketing initiatives in a personalized manner is a key skill set required for successful businesses. We can help you excel. We'd love to hear from you.
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Make predictive tools work for you. When strategy is applied to automated machine learning applications, great things happen. Bubblebox brings the high-level marketing strategy and the granular technical knowledge needed to apply these techniques to all of your channels. Sales, service, marketing and more... everything is done with a focus on measurable results. We'd love to hear from you.
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As veterans of email marketing, with more than a decade of experience, Bubblebox is a legacy ExactTarget partner. We have the experience to ensure that your emails will have an impact. Conversions are key. From deliverability to creative, we can help. We'd love to hear from you.
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Your customers expect you to understand their needs. Providing relevant communication from all areas of the business – whether sales, service or marketing – requires visibility to all engagement channel history. Stay ahead of the curve and let Bubblebox consultants lend a hand. We'd love to hear from you.
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Get Up and Running with our Quick Start Packages

Do you want results ASAP? Our Quick Start services help you to get started right away. We work in collaboration with our customers to quickly identify your needs and then move to implement, helping you to see results sooner.

QuickStart for
Marketing Cloud (ExactTarget)
as quickly as

With all of that power at your fingertips, it is crucial that Marketing Cloud (ExactTarget) be set up for success. The Bubblebox Quick Start Email Studio Package sets the foundation for you to scale – as you build out your email marketing efforts.

QuickStart for
Service Cloud
as quickly as

Our QuickStart Service Cloud engagement quickly provides strong benefits by empowering customer service agents with the information needed, when the customer wants it. Effective, efficient and immediate - QuickStart shows results.

QuickStart for
Sales Cloud
as quickly as

Ensure that the #1 CRM is configured specifically to meet your business requirements. Allow the Bubblebox team to strategically configure Sales Cloud to address your business processes so that you experience immediate results.

Marketing Experts

Our services are multi dimensional and Cross-Cloud. Whatever you needs, we understand not just how to implement, but also how to develop an effective strategy that gives you the most value.

Omni-Channel with Marketing Cloud

Effective Marketing Automation leverages the rich data that resides within your business. Data-driven marketing is the new normal – and your customers expect it. Bubblebox consultants work with you to leverage the features available, using a variety of tools that are fully integrated with Salesforce Marketing Cloud (ExactTarget). Whether your company is B2B, B2C or both, Bubblebox enables 1:1 customer journeys to become a reality.

Real-Time 1:1 Behavioural Experiences

With Interaction Studio, Bubblebox can help you combine in-depth behavioural analytics and advanced machine learning using your data to understand individual-level insights of each one of your customers and prospects. We'll help provide you with the ability to use your data to deliver the next best experiences with real-time personalization, promotions, discounts or content and relevant to your customer.

Turning E-Commerce Into Conversions

With access to the real-time data via solutions that are deeply integrated within the Salesforce ecosystem, Bubblebox can perform wonders with your online and email personalization strategy. We drive real-time, hyper-personalized content in every email and webpage for eCommerce brands. We maximize conversions.

Empower Agents with Service Cloud

Becoming a customer-centric company doesn’t happen overnight. Delivering first-class services requires technology to be configured to meet the changing needs of today and tomorrow. Ensuring that customer data from all channels is accessible to your service team is crucial. Making sure that your business has the processes in place to support evolving customer demands is what Bubblebox strives to achieve – with every customer initiative.

#1 CRM with Sales Cloud

Ensuring that the number one CRM is successfully adopted by your organization is key to your success. Blending people with process requires experience that Bubblebox has in abundance. Using Salesforce Sales Cloud to build meaningful and powerful relationships with your customers is vital. Motivate your sales team to excel by providing the right tools to elevate their abilities beyond those of your competitors.

Offering Access via Community Cloud

Allowing customers to have their say and enabling remote sales teams to access data is a cost-effective manner of building an engaged community. A collaborative approach to the sharing of knowledge allows employees, customers, partners and the company to foster a better experience. A truly accessible “community” elevates good ideas and is a driver for change.

How we deliver

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Bubblebox Products

Bubblebox ConversionSync™

Data is at the heart of results-focused marketing. Ensuring that your data is migrated smoothly from multiple sources can be a challenge. With ConversionSync™, the Bubblebox team makes it straightforward and seamless. With over 450 file formats and the ability to pull data from virtually any web API, we take the “daunting” out of data migration.

Bubblebox Insight™

Data-driven decisions require all data available to be presented in an easily digestible format. While having one single data source is optimum, it is unlikely. With Bubblebox INSIGHT™, we help customers make sense of the data by ensuring that it is in the right format so that data visualizations tools, such as Tableau, are able to ingest it.

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