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Customer service isn’t just a phrase we throw around. It is a pillar of our business approach. We are proactive, as well as responsive. We are nimble, smart and collaborative – and we see our relationships with customers as a partnership. And as being long-term. This is why our CSAT Score is high. The success of our customers matters to us.

"End results are better than expected. New build will save us time and resources. Team was very agile, allowing us to adjust along the way as we found elements that were unknown in the beginning/scoping. Our internal teams learned a lot during the engagement that will help us long after completing the project."
Michael Shavalier, Sandow
"Bubblebox has elevated our email strategy to a new level with superior customer service and knowledge."
Paul Lavigne, Source For Sports
"Our large firm required better integration between our Salesforce Sales Cloud and our Marketing Cloud. We needed the work done fairly quickly, and the requirements couldn't be done in house. Our Salesforce Account Executive suggested that we contact Bubblebox. We couldn't be more pleased with the results. All requirements were completed on time, as scoped. Turn Key. Professional and honest. We will be using Bubblebox for future projects."
Kris Shobridge, Canaccord
"When you have the chance to work with them, you will understand why Bubblebox is the best in the industry."
Robert Blesse, The Phelps Company
"Bubblebox was great to work with and provided exceptional value and engagement on all questions we had related to Pardot. They went the extra mile to follow up on specific use cases we had, to ensure that the Pardot tool worked for our needs."
Leon Denenfeld, Axia
"We loved working with Bubblebox for our Pardot implementation. We were given a very clear timeline for how long it would take, we scheduled our calls in advance, and we did the walk-through of all of the features of Pardot. The bubblebox customer success team was always very organized and knowledgeable about Pardot. They were patient with our limited HTML experience. They were always available, even in between consultations, to answer questions and to help us with anything that we needed. As an organization, we would definitely recommend them and we hope to work with them again in the future."
Rachel Galvin, Helix, ACI
"We had a great experience with Bubblebox in our initial implementation of Pardot. They helped us get up-to-speed quickly, and helped our team to unlock value – even as we were going through the implementation process. Their team kept us engaged throughout the entire process, and we appreciated the time they took to understand our specific needs as part of our engagement together."
Barry Po, NGrain
"I am very grateful to our Salesforce Account Executive for recommending Bubblebox as a Salesforce implementation partner. They have proven to be an invaluable resource. We continue to use them for a range of activities, from consulting to implementation. I have learned so much from them about Salesforce's capabilities."
Joyce D’addio, Colleges Avenue Student Loan
"We recently activated Bazarvoice product recommendations online. We worked with Bubblebox to automate a post-purchase journey to send emails to customers 14 days after purchase, driving them to a specific product recommendation page online to increase the number of reviews on the site and drive customer engagement. From start to finish, the project took about 3 weeks – really great work and collaboration between Laura and the Bubblebox team!"
Ian Richards, Laura
"Nederlander/Broadway Direct has had over a year-long relationship with Bubblebox (and counting!) and it's been an absolute pleasure. They handled our Salesforce Marketing Cloud implementation and their unique and specific knowledge of the Sales-to-Marketing Cloud relationship has been absolutely invaluable as we've grown in our utilization of both of those products. Responsive, professional and straight-shooting, I could not possibly recommend them more."
Erin Porvaznik, Demo

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