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Understanding your SMS Performance

So, you’ve jumped onto the SMS bandwagon and are firing out campaigns as part of your overall marketing engagement strategy. You recognize that... Read more

Paul Jiang, Technical Consultant
How to

How to Win at Email Marketing Using List and Data Extensions in Marketing Cloud

Say you're a marketer for a retail store looking to create more stickiness.  You're already leveraging email addresses collected from ne... Read more

Alex Mazzarella - Technical Consultant
Product Features

All You Need to Know About Sender Authentication Package (SAP)

We also are often asked about the difference between Sender Authentication Package (SAP) and a Private Domain; both are designed to optimize email deliverability and sending reputation – bu... Read more

Bubblebox - Cross Cloud Experts
Product Features

The difference between real-time personalization and recommendation engine

As more organizations are moving to the digital space, consumers expect businesses to know more about them and provide an online experience relevant to their ever-changing needs and demands. ..;. Read more

Nancy Kwan

Salesforce announces Hyperforce - The move to public clouds

At the December 2, 2020 Dreamforce keynote session, Bret Taylor, President and COO at, announced Hyperforce. This two-year project was underway to re-architect the Salesforce platf... Read more

Paul Gordon

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