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Downers Grove, IL, June 9th, 2021— VntCap Technologies, the parent company of Allant Group, a nationally recognized, data-driven marketing firm, is pleased to announce its acquisition of Bubblebox Holdings, a Salesforce consulting partner.  The company provides services that empower marketers to efficiently and effectively leverage data from Salesforce Marketing, Sales, Service and Experience Clouds.   With the addition of Bubblebox, Allant is now positioned to deliver high-value, tailored solutions and services to customers. 

Bubblebox, founded in 2008, is based out of Vancouver, Canada with an office in Toronto, with a strong brand presence in the Canadian ecosystem.  The company has a high customer satisfaction rating and offers strategic consulting services in addition to their technical capabilities, helping customers realize the benefits of their investment in Salesforce.  

“We are absolutely thrilled to welcome Bubblebox to the VntCap Technologies family, which includes Allant Group.  We look forward to quickly integrating Allant and Bubblebox services for the benefit of all our current and prospective customers,” said Gaurav Issar, Allant’s CEO and President. “Their strong reputation, deep Salesforce expertise and demonstrable client successes are a perfect fit with Allant’s data, identity, marketing technology (MarTech) and analytical service offerings.  With this acquisition, Allant can bring together strategic, technical and operational capabilities to provide immediate value to our client marketing efforts.  I look forward to working closely with Paul and Tracey as senior members of the Allant executive team.”

“Joining the Allant team allows us to continue to exceed customers’ expectations as we have done for so many years and remain focused on customer success. This also allows us to further expand and grow our services in both the US and Canadian markets.” said Paul Gordon, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Bubblebox. “There is a natural symbiotic benefit to the combined technical competence of Bubblebox and Allant.”  

Tracey Gordon, Co-Founder and Chief Operations Officer added, “Customers are excited when our team brings ideas to life through technology. The synergies of our combined team will empower customers to exceed promises made to their businesses by personalizing the customer experience through leveraging data, technology and marketing strategy”.

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About VntCap Technologies, LLC

VntCap Technologies, LLC provides its subsidiary companies with a unique blend of viewpoints and experiences that deliver comprehensive guidance and oversight to its leadership teams. Unlike other investment firms that seek quicker financial returns from their investments, VntCap actively operates the companies within its investment portfolio for longer periods of time to achieve maximum valuation. Founded by a group of entrepreneurs from a cross-section of industries, the varied background of its members is what continues to create value in subsidiary companies such as Allant Group.  For more information about VntCap Technologies, LLC

About Allant Group

Allant Group is a marketing services provider focused on supporting mid-market and emerging brands through a holistic set of offerings in support of marketers’ customer engagement needs, including data integration and management, martech system integration, analytics and other application-layer integrations.  Allant's expertise and market knowledge enables delivery through faster customer and 3rd party data integration, improved analytical insights, easy to understand data visualizations, and effective campaign management execution to enable targeted and personalized communication by marketers to acquire, retain and win back customers. Allant is a privately held company headquartered in the Chicago area.  For more information, call 800.367.7311 or visit