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The recent acquisition of Bubblebox by Allant Group has ushered in a new era of potential for unlocking business value through Salesforce and other multi-cloud martech solutions. Tom Keane, Vice President of Sales, is a notable figure in this partnership. Leveraging his extensive experience from Salesforce, Tom believes that the right partner can help take a good martech platform to a great one!  

Allant & Bubblebox, your trusted multi-cloud partner: 

Bubblebox is a renowned Salesforce consulting partner with a focus on Salesforce but also on other multi-cloud platforms. Their track record of excellence in understanding the Salesforce platform and its myriad use cases makes them a pivotal player in shaping effective B2B and B2C content strategies. With the business world becoming increasingly dependent on relationship management platforms for customer communication and beyond, Bubblebox's specialization emerges as a beacon of guidance in harnessing your technologies's full potential. 

An obstacle that often arises in this space is the propensity for clients to procure products without a comprehensive implementation plan. This shortsighted approach can lead to fragmented implementations and suboptimal outcomes. Bubblebox recognizes this challenge and stands poised to address it head-on, steering clients away from the pitfalls of incomplete strategies. 

A product of CEO-centric decision-making: 

A trend that has gained momentum in recent years is the transformation from Chief Digital Officers to CEOs actively participating in technology decisions. As organizations strive to align their technological investments with broader business strategies, this shift signifies a deeper integration of tech-driven initiatives into the core fabric of companies. Armed with a holistic view of the business, CEOs are now steering technology choices, focusing on tangible results and overarching value. 

In this context, technology investments' responsibility and accountability have significantly heightened. The alignment of technology decisions with business outcomes has become paramount, prompting leaders to evaluate each investment with a results-driven lens. 

Driving ROI and business outcomes: 

A common lament among businesses is the inability of technology investments to yield the expected returns. This discrepancy between investment and outcome has prompted a critical evaluation of strategies. This is where the expertise of Bubblebox comes into play, offering strategies that stabilise Salesforce accounts and extract substantial value from existing products. 

Bubblebox's approach to salvaging struggling implementations involves a blend of technical finesse and strategic rethinking. They revitalise Salesforce landscapes by identifying bottlenecks, optimizing processes, and realigning objectives, turning them into fertile grounds for generating tangible business outcomes. This approach addresses the underlying issue of underutilized or misaligned Salesforce instances, unlocking latent potential for companies. 

Having a Salesforce or other marketing technology (martech) partner is highly valuable for a marketing team for several key reasons: 

1. Expertise and Guidance: Martech partners, especially those specializing in platforms like Salesforce, bring deep expertise and understanding of the technology. They can provide valuable guidance on how to leverage the platform's features to achieve marketing goals effectively. This expertise ensures that the marketing team avoids pitfalls and maximizes the use of available tools. 

2. Efficiency and Time Savings:  Building out and managing technology solutions can be time-consuming and complex. Martech partners can streamline the process, helping the marketing team implement solutions more efficiently. This saves time and allows the team to focus on strategic initiatives rather than getting bogged down in technical details. 

3. Customization and Integration: A skilled martech partner can tailor the technology to the specific needs of the marketing team. They can customize the platform, integrate it with other tools and systems, and create a seamless ecosystem that meets the team's unique requirements. 

4. Optimal Utilization of Features: Many marketing technology platforms, including Salesforce, offer many features and capabilities. However, with proper understanding, some of these features might be used. A martech partner can identify and recommend the features that align with the team's goals and help them use them effectively. 

5. Data-driven Decision Making: A martech partner can help set up data tracking, analytics, and reporting systems within the platform. This empowers the marketing team with data-driven insights to make informed decisions, measure campaign performance, and adjust strategies accordingly. 

6. Continuous Support and Training: Martech partners offer ongoing support, training, and troubleshooting. They ensure that the marketing team is up to date with the latest platform features and best practices, helping them adapt to changes and advancements in technology. 

7. Scalability: As a business grows, its technology needs may evolve. A martech partner can assist in scaling up the technology solutions, integrating new tools, and adapting strategies to meet changing requirements. 

8. Cost-Effectiveness: While it might seem counterintuitive, engaging a martech partner can often be cost-effective in the long run. Their expertise ensures the technology is utilized optimally, preventing costly mistakes or inefficient implementations. 

9. Focus on Core Competencies: Marketing teams are best suited to focus on creative strategies and content creation. Outsourcing the technical aspects to a martech partner allows the marketing team to concentrate on their core competencies while leaving the technical intricacies to the experts. 

10. Staying Competitive: The marketing landscape is competitive and rapidly evolving. Utilizing technology effectively can provide a competitive edge. A martech partner helps the marketing team stay current with the latest tools and strategies. 

Bubblebox would love to become your trusted partner  

In essence, having a martech partner to help implement Salesforce or other multi-cloud solutions with a brand’s marketing team enhances efficiency, effectiveness, and the ability to achieve marketing goals by leveraging technology to its fullest potential. 

The amalgamation of Allant Group and Bubblebox is a promising development for businesses seeking to leverage Salesforce solutions for exponential growth. Tom Keane's presence, bolstered by his Salesforce experience, adds a layer of expertise that ensures the partnership's success. As CEOs play an ever-increasing role in technology decisions, focusing on results-driven investments becomes paramount.  

Through strategic alignment, Bubblebox tackles the challenge of broken implementations, steering clients toward a landscape of enhanced value realization. The road ahead looks promising as these two industry leaders collaborate to unlock the true potential of Salesforce, reshaping the business technology landscape in the process. 

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