UK-based Account Director, Chris Robinson shares some insights about Bubblebox’s accomplishments this year:

It’s been almost a year since I moved back to London to help Bubblebox get their UK HQ up and running. The year has been full of changes within the Salesforce ecosystem, and for our team at Bubblebox. With the expansion to the UK as well as a brand new office in Vancouver, we’ve been able to increase our capacity and reach, all while continuing to deliver the same personal touch and expertise that our clients depend upon. We continue to apply our expertise in marketing across our activation, training and consultancy services, bringing what we like to call a Salesforce for Marketing approach to each engagement. Given our recent successes, Bubblebox saw it fit to give back to the community by beginning work with Salesforce.org.

“I am proud to announce that Bubblebox is officially a Salesforce.org international Impact Partner.” salesforceOrgLogo

We are amongst an elite group that works to contribute to the success of Salesforce.org’s nonprofits and higher education customers. The team and I are helping these organizations reach their goals and accelerate their capacities to do good in the world. We help teams leverage some of the best technology in the world by providing them with personalized, expert level services.

What does it mean to be an Impact Partner?

Simply put, this means that Salesforce.org entrusts us to build meaningful, productive partnerships with nonprofit organizations and higher education institutions, to help with all things Salesforce. Bubblebox understands the platform and all its intricacies. We are able to see the platform not just for what it is, but what it is capable of, and how it can be leveraged by organizations in all verticals, organizations big or small. We offer training and insight to ensure our clients are capable of being self-sufficient and making changes to the platform as organizations grow or changes are made. The experience we have in consistently delivering successes to our customers will allow us to thrive as an Impact Partner. With great power comes great responsibility.

Bubblebox as an Impact Partner

Bubblebox’s bread and butter is Salesforce for Marketing. We specialize in Marketing Cloud implementations, consultancy, training, and provide ongoing technical support. Our expertise, as well as experience working with charitable organizations like World Vision Canada, have prepared us to work along Salesforce.org as a Marketing Cloud-dedicated Impact Partner.

Our Marketing Cloud engagements in the past include leveraging all of the platform’s features to achieve results for our customer: everything from creating beautiful, flexible templates to crafting effective 1:1 customer journeys in Journey Builder (and everything in between). Bubblebox is proud to have a host of Salesforce Certified Marketing Cloud consultants, all of whom are dedicated to solving the most complex issues and delivering results. To give you a taste of the type of work we’ve done, take a look at this success story about World Vision Canada – a Christian relief, development and advocacy organization.

As a Marketing Cloud-dedicated Impact Partner, the organizations we work with can expect nothing but the best.

“Bubblebox came in and had up fully up to speed on what we
needed to do to ramp-up our email marketing efforts.”

– James Carroll, Director of Support Experience at World Vision Canada 

What does Salesforce for nonprofits look like?


Salesforce.org provides nonprofits with a set of end-to-end solutions that are built for today: with social and mobile capabilities that help connect all of the stakeholders in all corners of nonprofits. Ultimately, Salesforce.org aims to help organizations build community, spread the word more efficiently, and generate the resources needed to make a difference. We’ve turned to Salesforce.org to share a nonprofit success story, best explaining how the technology has impacted their work. Check out this success story from the Polaris Project (PP). This organization is dedicated to combating human-trafficking and modern-day slavery. The PP team’s aim was to increase their social impact by improving the process they used to respond to situations more efficiently. Salesforce.org was there to help. Read more here.

What does Salesforce for higher education look like?  


Salesforce for Higher Ed encompasses solutions that help campuses and institutions become interconnected, and place students at the centre of an organization. Institutions are able to recruit the right students, answer questions throughout the process, and continue to support and engage students from day one all the way until graduation (and beyond as an alumni). Supporting students’ personal and academic success is made possible by optimizing campus processes for a mobile and social world, and by utilizing platform features that make it easy to craft meaningful 1:1 student experiences. Check out this success story from The University of California Berkley, where the university used Salesforce capabilities to make sure they were answering the questions students really cared about.

To see more stories about how Salesforce.org is enhancing the work of nonprofits and educational institutions, checkout Salesforce.org. If you want to learn more about how Bubblebox can help your nonprofit clients, or your own nonprofit, as an implementation partner, I would warmly welcome any questions you may have.

Feel free to drop me an email at crobinson@bubblebox.cloud.