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We get it – Building customer anticipation can be quite challenging.

Filling your customer’s inbox with a series of emails alerting them of start and end of sales periods and promotions is never ideal, and hardly effective. Instead, why not try an easy-to-use animated countdown timer?

Users who are familiar with GIFs have reason to celebrate. The new animated countdown timers combine 60 frames into a single high-impact animated GIF (using full HTML + CSS), making it quick and easy to position both on a website and within an email. Fresh Relevance is able to deliver fast, simultaneous image frame formatting, using lots of cloud servers in parallel, then combining these formatted frames into a GIF.

Animated countdown timers can be fully utilized cross-channel, and can be placed anywhere on a website and within marketing emails (including automated cart and browse abandonment messages) to ensure the visitor/recipient always knows exactly how long they have to act.

  • Fast image formatting
  • Multi-stage caching
  • 60 frames

The folks at Fresh Relevance have kindly put together a Countdown Timer set up guide.

Image Retrieved from Fresh Relevance

Image Retrieved from Fresh Relevance


We’ve even started to use the Countdown Timers ourselves for Connections 2016.


Want to learn how you can integrate Countdown Timer’s in your email marketing strategy? Connect with our Marketing Cloud Expert team here.