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Following on from our Unlocking Business Value article, Tom Keane, Vice President of Sales at Bubblebox, turns his attention to Salesforce’s impressive product landscape. Even experienced Salesforce users can find the vast range of products and features complex, with new functions added often. To find real success, Tom believes the right implementation partner is invaluable. 

Crafting a strategic plan 

Tom’s approach to harnessing the full impact of Salesforce’s product landscape hinges on three key steps: 

  1. Identify business challenges and desired outcomes 

It’s essential to know what success looks like. Consider the pain points and gaps in your business processes. What inefficiencies and issues are you looking to resolve? It’s crucial to bring in perspectives from various departments and, particularly, the end users. They will know precisely where challenges, issues, and inefficiencies crop up in their day-to-day operations. 

  1. Review improvement opportunities 

With the pain points and gaps identified, it’s time to evaluate whether the current setup successfully aligns with the marketing strategy. Are there better options in the Salesforce landscape to optimize processes and enhance efficiency? It’s also essential to evaluate adaptability to new legislation or protocols and scalability for predicted business growth. 

  1. Communicate the change 

Successful change management begins with effective change communication. Part of your strategic plan should be a change management plan to keep everyone on the same page and outline your implementation vision and goals. How are end users going to learn about changes? Who in your team will lead and champion the change? 

Keeping it simple 

The Salesforce product landscape can be an overwhelming place that changes rapidly. The Bubblebox team are expert in assessing existing Salesforce implementations and offering up-to-date solutions to meet stakeholder needs and business requirements. If you don’t think you’re getting the full impact or value from your set-up, we can help forge a long-term roadmap to success. 

The long-term roadmap for success 

Successful change doesn’t happen overnight. Making any change to a business’s technology environment will be a complex undertaking and could have company-wide consequences. Potential issues range from affecting business operations and efficiency to introducing security weaknesses or regulatory non-compliance.  

Having a long-term roadmap that visualizes and plans for technology realization across 12-24 months is crucial for success. This roadmap helps companies determine the best methods of introducing improvements. It enables teams to see and understand implications to allow informed decisions and supports internal communication to minimize disruption. 

Achieving strong ROI 

As with any sizable business investment, organizations want to know that they are achieving strong ROI from their customer experience solutions. Underutilized technology is a common enemy of ROI, with companies often forking out for solutions they don’t need or don’t know how to use. If companies don’t have sufficient expertise in their technology, it can also have an actively negative impact by contributing to poor decision-making and providing irrelevant customer experiences.  

Our team at Bubblebox are Salesforce multi-dimensional Cross-Cloud experts with diverse experience in introducing customer-centric approaches to each client’s needs. With the team as partners, you’ll quickly know where process improvements can be made and how to retire unnecessary or obsolete technologies. 

Achieving full technological potential 

How do you know whether your team uses Salesforce to its full potential? After all, you don’t know what you don’t know. That’s where Bubblebox’s diagnostic surveys come in.  

Bubblebox’s digital assessment survey is the first step to evaluating your company’s digital maturity. The survey covers four core categories: strategy, customers, technology, and operations, bringing teams together to discuss the results. From there, our technical experts will provide insights to manage and improve your digital performance capabilities, comparing efforts against your industry peers. This information and guidance allows brands to create comprehensive action plans. 

Improving client acquisition 

With the rapidly evolving Salesforce landscape, technology assessments and audits can’t be one-off events. To stay ahead of the competition and grow client acquisition, regular review is required to maintain full efficiency.  

The Bubblebox implementation team helps businesses implement systems to support evolving customer demands and scaling requirements. By ensuring customer data is accessible, organized, and actionable, brands can foster meaningful customer relationships that boost acquisition rates. Delivering the level of brand experience that customers now expect requires a cross-channel approach that blends people with the process. This is where Bubblebox excels. 

How Bubblebox can help you navigate Salesforce’s product landscape 

As a team with Salesforce Gold Consulting Partner status, Bubblebox has a breadth of knowledge in assessing and advising on Salesforce implementations. Working with leading brands across multiple verticals, our implementation team can leverage data to grow revenue and improve ROI. Addressing our client’s unique needs to bring a strategic, customer-centric approach to your marketing efforts. With the right tools in a collaborative culture, sales teams are empowered to excel beyond their competitors. 

Start your journey to building an ROI roadmap with this 2 min survey. Click here.