Product Features


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Assign real time, personalized, automated coupons and offer-codes across multiple channels. Great for when you want to control who can use the offer (e.g. to reward recent buyers or recover lapsed shoppers) – no need to issue a generic coupon code that can be abused and broadcast online.

The Fresh Relevance platform can issue personalized coupons to activate users in real-time, personalized, automated coupons on your e-commerce website and within engagement emails.

How it Works

Using real-time behavioural data and identification recognition, a coupon is assigned to an individual customer as soon as they go onto your website or open your email. Set-up is quick and simple using the Fresh Relevance platform.

You can also create time-based urgency with a countdown timer or pair with tailored product recommendations to engage your current and prospective customers.

When to Use

Use in cart abandonment emails, browse abandonment emails, post-purchase emails, newsletters, during sales and across your website to engage all customers on an individual level.

Take a look at the example below 



As a Fresh Relevance North American Premium Partner, we offer real-time hyper personalized solutions. Want to learn how you can integrate Fresh Relevance’s coupons into your websites and emails? Connect with the Bubblebox team here.