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According to Business2Community, 30% of subscribers change email addresses annually, speaking to the importance of regular list maintenance. 

Maintain an up to date email list by encouraging your subscribers to update their contact details through a profile center. Eliminate the clutter of inactive users by sending a re-activation campaign, so you can know who’s truly engaging with your messages.


97% of your leads are lost on “leaky” landing pages, says WordStream Founder Larry Kim.

Kim claims that call-only buttons are the solution for lost leads on landing pages (how’s that for alliteration?). Instead of sending leads to a landing page, the call-only button – now available on Facebook, Twitter, and Google AdWords – sends leads directly to the source: you.

Not convinced? Here’s a nifty infographic, straight from the horse’s mouth:  

Call Buttons are Game Changers


Who’s the King of Social Media? According to Shareablee, it’s National Geographic. Crowed as the #1 overall brand in social, Nat Geo has a whopping 80.1 million fans and followers on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter combined. Ranked in 2nd and 3rd place are NFL and WWE, respectively.

And… YouTube is the new Google?

According to Search Engine Land, YouTube is the #2 search engine in the world. If you’re not producing video content, get started, stat. And don’t forget to improve the visibility of your brand’s channel by adhering to SEO best practices.


Trying to convince your boss to build a mobile app? Here’s your ammo: according to Bitly Product Marketing Manager Samantha Yeh, over 86% of your phone time is spent on an app. Yeh urges marketers to spend less time optimizing their mobile sites and more time on app development. Joining the app revolution can mean big bucks for your brand: Yeh claims that apps are slated to earn $5.6 billion in revenue this year alone.

And…mobile shopping moves up the ranks!

Forget what anyone’s told you: people do shop on mobile. According to eMarketer, mobile transactions will increase by 210% in 2016 to the tune of $27 billion. What’s are the best ways to increase your mobile transactions for next year? Ensure that your site is mobile responsive and get a robust cart recovery system in place to recover more abandoned shopping carts. 

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