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Starting from a shop in Derbyshire in 1911, Thorntons has been making chocolates, toffee and fudge for over 100 years. In 1998, the British company opened its online store and today, the website sells a wide range of products including seasonal items, hampers, personalized gifts and flowers.


Thorntons liked the approach of real-time marketing company, Fresh Relevance, and together they developed a series of triggered emails that are live all year round. eCRM Manager at Thorntons, Mike Aspinall explains, “We use two variations, one focusing on abandoned baskets and the other browse sessions. These are specifically designed to reengage the shopper at their specific point in the journey ad convert otherwise lost sales opportunities.”


To capitalize on seasonal periods Thorntons have also introduced Advanced Countdown Timers, as Aspinall notes, “the Countdown Timer from Fresh Relevance adds a sense of urgency to our email communications, which is especially important in the lead up to Valentine’s Day, Easter and Christmas to ensure customers know the cut-off dates for deliveries.”

Thorntons deployed Fresh Relevance 10 months ago. “The triggered emails account for approximately 6% of all direct revenue from the email channel and most of this revenue is incremental.” Aspinall adds,”This is a great result, especially as both our email and Countdown Timers require minimal resource to manage after the initial setup.”

Download Fresh Relevance Thorntons Case Study here

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