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Implementing a Salesforce solution is a hefty undertaking with big potential rewards - but only if you get it right. There are so many ways that Salesforce implementations can and do go wrong. If your CRM system is not effective, it can be actively detrimental to achieving your business goals, and rescuing this expensive investment should be your top priority. To do this quickly, bringing in an implementation partner is often the best way forward. 

Rescuing struggling implementations 

Bringing in a martech partner can save you money. While spending more to recover more of the budget may seem illogical, it is especially true if you are running an inefficient implementation. A martech partner can transform a struggling Salesforce implementation into a smooth, effective operation - and help avoid those costly mistakes in the first place. 

Poor implementation is almost always the reason for an ineffective CRM system. Whether it’s bad data or ill-fitting products, there are many reasons why Salesforce systems don’t live up to their hype. The Bubblebox team can quickly identify bottlenecks and will have just the solution to resurrect your Salesforce implementation.  

From there, we will work closely with your brand’s marketing team to create an ecosystem of Salesforce tools to meet your business requirements. By strategically configuring Salesforce solutions to your business processes, organizations can expect immediate results. 

Partnering with Salesforce Account Executives 

Every organization with a Salesforce system will have an Account Executive (AE) to help overcome small hurdles. Fostering a good relationship with your Salesforce AE can bring a number of perks and helpful hints. They will have a close knowledge of the Salesforce ecosystem and present an outside perspective on your business challenges. They will work across lots of accounts, be able to see patterns, and will likely have solutions to common issues. 

However, when it comes to executing full implementations, Salesforce AE’s will turn to an implementation partner such as Bubblebox. There are many reasons for this but the key ones are: 

  • Business experience and technical knowledge: The Bubblebox team has a keen understanding of business verticals alongside technical Salesforce knowledge. This means they can introduce workflows and processes that fit the way your business works. From Financial Services, to Retail, to Travel and Hospitality, they have implemented 2000+ solutions across 200+ clients. 

  • Expertise in specific Salesforce functions: Implementation partners often have particular expertise in specific industries or Salesforce functions - such as Bubblebox’s expertise in rescuing struggling implementations. 

  • External system knowledge: Larger organizations with existing martech solutions are likely to need help integrating Marketing Cloud and other Salesforce products to ensure a seamless experience. 

Your Salesforce AE can also help match businesses with implementation partners with the skills and resources to take on your specific needs.  

Post-pandemic Salesforce investments 

As data-driven marketing strategy becomes the norm, investments in marketing technology solutions are on the rise. The marketing budget allocated to martech has increased from 24% in 2022 to 30% in 2023 - occupying the largest proportion of budget. And this looks set to increase with 83% of CMOs anticipating their martech budget will grow in 2024. In this environment, marketing teams will be under increased pressure to show a return on these increasingly large investments. 

To ensure return on investment, businesses must avoid pitfalls to long-term success. The most common include: 

  • Ill-fitting products: Salesforce encompasses a whole ecosystem of apps and services that can be tailored to suit business requirements. It’s easy to be overwhelmed by the sheer volume of options, and research is required to find the best options for you. This can often lead to teams receiving products that aren’t quite right for them. 

  • Bad data: No CRM system in the world is going to deliver effective results from poor-quality data. Data cleansing and hygiene can be a mammoth task, which means some companies will not make it a priority. But the more precise, accurate, and comprehensive your data is, the more effective your CRM will be. 

  • Lack of user adoption: there’s no point in having a CRM solution if no one is using it. Offer your end-users training tailored to their job role and demonstrate how it will make their lives easier to ensure engagement in a new solution. 

  • No ownership: Salesforce implementations will bring together different departments across an organization that must work together on this business solution. Put in place a key executive to oversee and coordinate how teams work together to achieve the technology’s full potential. 

Bubblebox helps drive business growth 

The Bubblebox team are Salesforce experts. We are well-versed in transforming struggling implementations into thriving ecosystems that bring revenue and growth. We bring together our knowledge of the ever-changing Salesforce product list, the wider martech landscape, and modern marketing know-how to exceed client expectations. 

Bubblebox brings a strategic, customer-service-centric approach to address your company’s individual needs. It’s time for your Salesforce implementation to achieve its full potential and drive engagement and revenue for your organization. Through a collaborative partnership culture, Bubblebox offers a results-driven service.