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Now that Black Friday and Cyber Monday are behind us, you can finally breathe a sigh of relief. But don’t get too comfortable just yet—this is only the start of the holiday shopping season. 2015 marked a shift in the Black Friday sales strategy. The emergence of “Black Friday Week”—a week long event featuring door-crashers and features, meant the biggest discounts were no longer offered exclusively on Black Friday. Another noteworthy trend is Black Friday’s increasing popularity worldwide.

The folks at Fresh Relevance put together informative charts and statistics on eCommerce web traffic leading up to, and on Black Friday and Cyber Monday:


Black Friday 2015 eCommerce Web Traffic


Black Friday 2014 eCommerce Web Traffic

Data from Fresh Relevance Ltd.

So what can you take away from Black Friday 2015?

  1. Brands have jumped the gun and released offers early—In the spirit of “Black Friday Week” retailers released offers as early as the Sunday before Black Friday
  2. Thursday (American Thanksgiving) continues to do well
  3. Black Friday traffic was 220% higher than on regular days
  4. Web traffic on “Black Friday Weekend” (Saturday and Sunday) was higher than in 2014
  5. Drop in Cyber Monday Traffic—Cyber Monday’s popularity has declined as a result of Black Friday offers spread more evenly over a wider period