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We’ve experienced many milestones in the last 12 months and there’s no stopping us now. Over the course of the year, we hosted a pop-up bar at Connections, held two strategy days with the team to celebrate our successes and plan for the future, learned to sail as a team, expanded our technical team and reached 40 Salesforce certifications, doubled the number of employees, promoted two tech consultants, wrapped up many engagements, and acquired new business.

But successes don’t come without their own challenges. We decided to compile a list of lessons learned that we’ll be sure to take with us in the new year. 


  1. Trust is critical for team success. Trust creates an environment of collaboration that teams need to thrive. At Bubblebox, we strive for transparency, open communication and create a safe environment allowing each member to admit mistakes, develop skills, grow professionally, and communicate openly.  

  2. Attitude is everything. When you approach a challenging situation with a positive mindset and willingness to learn, there’s nothing you can't achieve. 

  3. When values are shared, customers are successful, employees are happy, hiring is easy and organizations grow.

  4. A well defined process is key to ensuring a project is delivered successfully. 

  5. Good communication skills are key to success. Every person has a unique communication style, a way in which they interact and exchange information with others. When you take into account each individual’s communication style, you’re bound to resolve issues more efficiently, deliver great work, and execute projects successfully.

  6. Embrace change. Being immersed in the technology industry which is constantly evolving, we ensure we stay nimble and adapt with the changes of our industry, our customers, and our team. Without change, we can’t grow as individuals and realize our full potential. 

  7. Set boundaries and manage your time. Work smarter and increase your productivity by managing your time and setting boundaries. Be realistic with the number of projects you take on and ask for help if needed to avoid burnout.


It's important to look back on the year to celebrate your wins and take note of growth opportunities you can take with you moving forward. Now we'd like to hear from you. What are some of the lessons you've learned this year?