The Wasserstrom Company carries one of the most diverse and comprehensive product lines in the food service industry, offering everything from tabletop items to catering supplies and maintenance tools. It has been awarded Dealer of the Year 2014 by Food Service Equipment and Supplies Magazine.



Fresh Relevance uses the latest database architecture, processing web behaviour and eCommerce data in real time, at a lower-than-ever price point, and with great ease-of-use. Using the client’s existing email and eCommerce platforms, it drives conversions on client websites with highly targeted, relevant, real-time content.

Tracey Gordon, VP Client Success at Bubblebox said, “In today’s online marketplace, it is important for retailers to be at the forefront of what technology can offer. This is where fresh relevance really comes into its own. Real-time data is collected as the customer shops online and then this data is used to trigger real-time, targeted messages.” Gordon went on to say “The software not only allows the retailer to capture abandoned cart data, but now also abandoned browsing information - a powerful advantage to any marketer.


Wasserstrom experienced a 5% sales uplift within a 90-day time period

Marketing Cloud Personalization (Fresh Relevance)