Ridge Vineyards is a California-based winery specializing in premium Cabernet Sauvignon, Zinfandel and Chardonnay wines. Ridge has a consumer branch and a wholesale branch spanning two winery locations in northern California. Ridge Vineyards strove to engage their retail and wholesale customers through 1:1 marketing, based on behavioural and transactional data. As Salesforce users, they needed a complementary platform that would allow them to segment and personalize communications on fully branded HTML templates. Ridge turned to Bubblebox for strategic and tactical guidance.


Ridge strove to leverage customer data within Salesforce to drive 1:1 communications. They needed to segment the needs of their retail and wholesale customers through hyper-targeted marketing They wanted to gain the most value from their investment in the Salesforce Marketing Cloud as quickly as possible


Ridge chose Bubblebox to implement the Salesforce Marketing Cloud (SFMC), which would enable them to provide customers with timely and relevant email communications. In order to facilitate seamless data transmission between their instances of Salesforce and SFMC, Ridge tasked Bubblebox with the implementation of the V5 Connector. The winery also wanted to take advantage of Bubblebox’s industry-leading training programs.


The V5 Connector empowered Ridge to leverage the marketing capabilities of the Marketing Cloud with the data management tools in Salesforce. In order to ensure that they were gaining the most value from their investment in SFMC, Ridge enrolled in two Bubblebox TRAIN programs. TRAIN – Essentials instructed on the core tools of the Marketing Cloud, while TRAIN – Essentials Plus explored a specialized area of platform, with Ridge selecting the Automation Studio module to gain a better understanding of how to execute marketing automations on an immediate or scheduled basis.

“Bubblebox TRAIN services ensured that Ridge gained every ounce of value from their investment in Marketing Cloud. They can look forward to quantitative improvements.” -Tracey Gordon, VP, Client Services, Bubblebox

“We see evidence of the payoff from working with Bubblebox everyday – they laid the foundation for our team to achieve its marketing goals.” 
Ryan Moore Director, Direct-to-Consumer Sales, Ridge Vineyards

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