New Report Reveals Marketing Automation Market More than Doubles; Calls Digital Marketing Agencies the “vehicles of global expansion”
A new report published by Frost & Sullivan reveals exciting news for the world of marketing automation (MA) technology. With revenues upwards of $900 million in 2014, the MA market is slated for growth to the tune of $14.52 billion by 2020. The report also uncovers promising growth trends for the technology itself, with vendors expanding “functionality to provide a true cross-channel automation platform through tighter integration with channels such as mobile, social media, display advertising and search.” Perhaps the most compelling revelation in the report is that digital marketing agencies are named “vehicles of global expansion” for MA technology.

Frost & Sullivan see digital marketing agencies partnered with MA system vendors as “entry-points” into the increased adoption of the technology, particularly in under-served markets like Asia-Pacific, Western and Eastern Europe. Digital marketing agencies can not only leverage this growth potential through the indirect sale of MA platforms, but also through the offering of “best practice” solutions to optimize the vast functionalities that the technology provides. Marketing Automation Solutions (MAS) consultants facilitate ease of use for a technology known for its inherent complexities, giving businesses the confidence to deploy powerful web and email campaigns that yield exponential returns. With leading MA vendors expanding their technological offerings at a rapid pace, it becomes more important than ever for businesses to seek the expertise of MAS consultants whose role is to stay at the leading-edge of these advances.

The report also finds that new MA vendors will be aggressively entering the market across all regions, prompting high price competitiveness.” With the price of MA technology expected to rise, MAS consultants become even more crucial for businesses gain the expected return on their IT investment. They offer impartial training and consultancy services that arm businesses with the knowledge and hands-on experience needed to confidently achieve the optimum performance from their chosen MA platform. From campaign management and strategy straight through to technology selection and support, MAS consultancies are an established resource for cost-effective, innovative MA solutions that help businesses drive revenues.