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Magento Go is shutting down on February 1 2015 and Triggered Messaging can help you migrate.


Triggered Messaging supports Magento Go, so you can switch your remarketing to us immediately and get better results from your cart and browse abandonment etc.

We also support almost every other eCommerce platform, so you won’t need to rewrite your remarketing when you migrate. Sign up with Triggered Messaging in 2014 and, when you have to transfer away from Magento Go, that means a lot less work for you.

If you’re moving to Magento Community or Magento Enterprise, you can also install our free extension which adds the W3C Digital Data Layer to Magento. This provides immediate setup on your new install.

Triggered Messaging has best-in-class results and it outperforms built-in cart abandonment for Magento Go by up to 4x. We:

Triggered Messaging integrates seamlessly and personalizes your web pages:


Source: Triggered Messaging; Posted October 8, 2014 by Pete Austin