How to

As mentioned a few weeks ago, Chris is working with on a series of blog posts that aim to educate and inspire prospective nonprofit or higher ed customers. The first post in the series provided a quick introduction to Marketing Automation – next, let’s look into what a specific use case may look like for Salesforce Pardot.

Imagine we are acting as a nonprofit who is currently seeking volunteers for an event. It’s important to reflect on what information may be important to a) communicate and b) collect from a prospect. For this campaign, we are assuming that our organization already has the prospect’s email address, first name, last name, from a newsletter signup on the website, and that this prospect has opted in to email communications.

We’ve crafted a sample campaign with Pardot’s Engagement Studio to help achieve the goals highlighted above. Furthermore, we explain what it means to be a prospect – not in a business context, but in a nonprofit or higher ed context. Click here to read the full blog post and see how we can collect and communicate the necessary information using Pardot.

As a international Impact Partner, we have a vested interest in the success of the organizations we work with. We understand that technology, data, and automation should augment your relationships and operations – not hinder them. Organizations can maximize value gained from the Pardot and Salesforce suite by investing not only in the technology, but in their team. Bubblebox makes this possible by providing training and consultancy services in addition to implementations. Together, Bubblebox and make it easy for nonprofit organizations and higher education institutes to do what they do best: better the world in which we live and the communities to which we are connected.