Product Features

In the world of marketing automation, data is the fuel that you and your customers depend upon to ensure communications are accurate, timely, and effective. Data comes in all shapes and sizes, is consistently being collected, and is always working in the background. For any organization, capturing and subsequently leveraging that data for marketing efforts is easier said than done.

A company should be able to move seamlessly between the technologies that make the most sense for their business –regardless of their existing or desired data structures. It’s for this very reason that Bubblebox offers ConversionSync services.

ConversionSync provides our customers with the ability to view and treat their data as a jack of all trades. No matter the format, no matter the destination, we’re able to ensure valuable information’s utility is never sacrificed. How do we do it with ConversionSync?

When first looking at a customer’s account and configuration, we first must understand the entire context. Where is it coming from? What data exists that must continue to be used? What data exists that is no longer necessary or relevant? What data are we missing? And finally, how will this data be used? A data audit is the first step in assessing the quality and hygiene of data. This audit and data cleansing can be a quick fix to organization’s data-related qualms; however, if a quick spring cleaning doesn’t do the trick, ConversionSync can help.

Take a look at some common and more complex data-related issues that organizations encounter when initially implementing a new platform or migrating between systems.

Duplicate Entries and Common Misspellings

It’s better to have loved and lost, than never to have loved at all. Similarly, it’s better to record and duplicate, than never to have recorded at all. Many of us adopt the mentality that it’s better to write or record something just in case, rather than not and risk losing information. This means, however, that you and your co-workers have likely added, deleted, re-added, copied, and added yet another version of the same lead, contact, account, or prospect. It happens! Similarly, in an amidst this process, spellings and formats have probably transformed over time – for example, your team may have started out by calling an account by its full name, “Transnational Shipping Company”, but have found that “TNSC” is an easier, more appropriate version. ConversionSync can help streamline your data to ensure continuity amongst naming conventions, get rid of duplicates, and much more.

Misclassified Data

Categorizing data and the folders in which data lives ad breathes is often as messy as the data itself. Failing to adhere to a continuous organization or classification system can create difficulties when producing reports – numbers, names, and stats should all be in one place, but they’re actually scattered amongst folders. This can lead to inaccurate reports, and ultimately unhappy database users or customers. Using ConversionSync can help reorganize and reformat data to ensure future users are happy, reports are effective, and marketing segmentation as powerful as the platforms you’re using.

Changing Numbers

When you’re 16 years old, you think that a 25 year old is ancient…Similarly, when your business is in its infancy, triple digit revenues seem like a pipe dream. This means that when your internal systems and databases were put in place, you may not have created categories or labels for numbers that fit your business today. In the same way that numbers may have been misclassified, or co-workers may have forgotten to add the “$” when recording last quarter’s revenues, numbers in your CRM or marketing automation system may not be what they seem. Numbers can be used for everything: to organize a product catalogue, for product codes, revenues, ranking or labeling systems, and much more. If you’re database is full of numbers that have lost meaning or are just down-right confusing, we can help make sense of them with ConversionSync. ConversionSync helps transform all data as necessary – even dealing with currency conversions and things like adjusting for inflation.


ConversionSync services from Bubblebox help facilitate complex integrations and migrations. We can transform data, manipulate data structures, distribute to multiple systems, and ensure nothing is lost in translation – even with real-time data. Whether you’re moving data from A to B (or all the way to C!), ConversionSync can provide support for thousands of different systems and over five thousand different coordinate systems.  

There are a lot of data-related issues that may effect your organization’s ability to maximize the impact of marketing automation. Having clean, properly formatted data helps ensure that the personalization capabilities of Salesforce Marketing Cloud and Salesfore Pardot are all not only possible, but easy-to-use and at your fingertips. ConversionSync services from Bubblebox help ensure that you know and understand your data, and are able to put it to good use – in whatever format or platform your data-driven heart desires.