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The Salesforce ecosystem is home to so many resources, that strive to provide customers and partners with the right knowledge and tools to succeed. From visionary whitepapers and eBooks that explain what the Marketing Cloud can do, to step-by-step guides and how-to articles that help users with the every day doing, there is no shortage of content. We see this tangible content as our go-to resources, but for Marketing Cloud users, there’s a little-known resource that may help inspire you and your team’s marketing efforts. The best part? You don’t necessarily have to look (or go) very far.

In the marketing world, we’re all familiar with personalization. So why not get up close and personal with fellow Marketing Cloud users in your city?

Salesforce facilitates User Groups that bring users together based on region and/or vertical. User Groups offer a forum to explore new features, updates to existing functionalities and brainstorm solutions to common marketing challenges. By facilitating an exchange of ideas between marketing professionals, User Groups ensures that all Marketing Cloud customers are able to extract value while also contributing to the user community in a meaningful way. What makes User Groups different than other Salesforce resources is that they’re groups created and managed by customers — real Marketing Cloud users with unique experiences and business insight to offer. User Groups are typically hosted in person four times a year, but there are a variety of online groups that provide a continuous forum for questions and idea generation. In addition to honing in on a specific feature or topic for each meeting, users are also able to step out of their everyday work environment and meet new people.

Get inspired and grow your professional network by getting involved with your local User Group.

Check out the complete list of User Groups here. Bubblebox is proud to be hosting the Vancouver User Group on Wednesday, September 14th – and you’re invited! Get all the details here.

If the west coast is calling you or you’re feeling adventurous, be sure to check out Dreamforce in San Francisco.

This 3-day long event may not be hosted in your own backyard, but providesdreamforce_15_cloud_logotype_RGB attendees with an all access pass to all things Salesforce. From October 4th-7th, Salesforce employees, partners and customers will be coming together to explore innovative new solutions for the problems of a contemporary marketer. For a customer, Dreamforce is the ultimate resource: experts to answer questions, other customers to brainstorm alongside, and visionary keynote speakers to inspire and reinvigorate. No matter the industry, Dreamforce offers tailored content and sessions that show live demos and solutioning that’s relevant to you. In between breakout sessions and all of the fun stuff (like a U2 concert), customers often have the opportunity to meet with partners or Salesforce employees to elevate business and personal relationships. Dreamforce acts as the annual event for marketers in all regions and verticals, acting as a launch point for skill development and relationship building.

Learn more about what Dreamforce can do for you by clicking here.

If Dreamforce was already on your radar and you’re headed to San Francisco in October, the Bubblebox team would love to meet up! Get in touch with us here.


It has never been easier for Salesforce customers to get the most out of their products and their user communities. Near or far, online or in-person, there is a wealth of resources available to help customers make the most of their Salesforce products and communities.