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Your email marketing can generate more sales, with our new Smartblocks, which are formatted at open time and personalize emails and web pages.

  • Traditional emails are formatted at email send time, so the content is immediately stale and gets more out-of-date with every minute that passes before it’s opened.
  • SmartBlock content is formatted at open time, so it’s fresh and relevant. It reacts to what customers do now, and what’s in stock now – not back before the email was sent.
  • Marketers are back in control of their marketing. You can even make changes *after* an email has been sent, as circumstances change.

How to Use SmartBlocks in Emails


How to Use SmartBlocks in Web Pages


here’s the live uk news: You can use a web crop to select any content from a website – such as news, a headline offer, or any content on your website that’s generated by complicated legacy code – and include a real-time copy in your emails.



Source: Triggered Messaging; Posted September 29, 2014 by Pete Austin