Product Features

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How do you ensure your website visitors and email recipients are engaging with the most relevant content and messaging? When it comes to Fresh Relevance personalization, marketers have infinite creative control to target customers based on rules such as first-time visit, browse/cart abandonment, time-of-day, season, returning customer, and purchase history.

With Fresh Relevance banner rules, you can create relevant cross-channel creative messaging inside bars, columns, or boxes placed within your website and email. Easily assign customized banner rules based on a variety of behavioral and transactional variables stored within your single customer view. Customers are recognised across website and email at the point-of-open.

New visitors will see messaging to encourage a first purchase, returning customers see VIP copy that reflects their loyalty to your brand, and browsers of a particular product line see related product recommendations.

Here are a few examples of strategic personalization using customized cross-channel banner rules

Banner Personalization


As a Fresh Relevance North American Premium Partner, we offer real-time hyper personalized solutions to help drive your customer journeys. Want to learn how you can integrate Fresh Relevance’s personalized banners into your webpages? Connect with the Bubblebox team today!