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Vancouver, Canada—December 2nd, 2015—Bubblebox announces deployment of Fresh Relevance’s Coupon Smartblocks. Bubblebox is a Premier Fresh Relevance North American Partner, specializing in delivering marketing cloud solutions to leading brands.

Fresh Relevance is a real time engagement marketing company based in Southampton, UK. Since its inception in 2013, Fresh Relevance continues to drive sales for online retail and travel brands with real-time hyper personalized website and email content.

Bubblebox, through Fresh Relevance, recently introduced Coupon Smartblocks—a new personalized coupon feature for emails and e-commerce sites. Coupon Smartblocks is a simple, easy-to-use feature designed to drive visits and increase loyalty. Mike Austin, CEO of Fresh Relevance states, “For many shoppers, it is the most important factor when the word ‘Coupon’ in an email subject line has been proven to drive high open rates.”

Coupon Smartblocks observes new and existing customers real-time shopping behaviours such as website browsing habits and recent purchase. Equipped with this valuable data, marketers and retailers are able to personalize coupons’ content and increase its appeal to prospective customers.

The new Fresh Relevance coupon feature makes use of easy-to-manage Slot Rules. Its capabilities include creating and distributing:

  • Hourly coupons: Use a single slot to display the current hourly coupon.
  • Cascading offers: As shoppers buy more they get to see successively more valuable coupons.
  • Limited quantity offers: Only the first 1000 people see a coupon.
  • Time based offers: A discount that drops over time, or other exclusive offers in to email.

With the holiday season approaching, retailers are looking to boost its online sales. Tracey Gordon, VP, Client Services adds, “with the holiday season around the corner, it is vital for retailers to create a sense of urgency. Smart Coupons within emails and on site will deliver a more personalized approach and help our clients manage the use of Coupons as a valuable incentive in a much easier way than previously possible.”

About Bubblebox

Bubblebox® are Marketing Cloud Experts delivering services to help the modern marketer drive revenues through the innovative use of leading marketing cloud technology platforms. As a Fresh Relevance Partner, we help companies gain more from their investment in the platform. Through cost effective training, efficient implementation programs and advanced consultative techniques, we enable clients to achieve their goals fast. We offer complimentary Marketing Cloud tools that leverage features of Fresh Relevance.

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Tracey Gordon—Client Services Director, Bubblebox


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