Customer Stories
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Borrowell’s mission is to make financial stability possible for everyone. 


By providing access to credit education, innovative digital tools and personalized experiences, Borrowell strives to help all Canadians feel in control and optimistic about their future.

Borrowell was the first in Canada to offer free credit scores and reports from Equifax, Canada's largest credit bureau. But they wanted to do more, so they created Canada's first AI-powered Credit Coach, Molly, who shares personalized tips that help customers understand and improve their credit.  

They also developed a recommendation engine that analyzes the unique credit profile of each customer to make personalized financial product recommendations. These products include credit cards, loans, savings accounts, and other financial tools from partnering financial institutions, as well as Borrowell’s own personal loan product. 


“Over a million Canadians have joined Borrowell and trust us to help them make great decisions about credit and achieve their financial goals.” Andrew Graham, Co-founder and CEO


Over the course of 5 years, Borrowell has hit some major milestones. Being the first in Canada to offer free credit scores and reports, they are now globally recognized as one of Canada’s leading financial technology companies with over a million Canadians using and trusting them to make better decisions about their credit and achieving their financial goals. 


Scaling to the next 1M customers with Salesforce 

Prior to adopting Marketing Cloud, Borrowell was struggling to create a seamless experience across every customer touchpoint. 


From offering a free credit score to sharing product recommendations and financial tips, email was a critical channel for Borrowell. But as their customer database grew from 150K to almost 1M, it was clear that their current ESP and processes were limiting their growth potential. They needed a way to integrate and segment their customers to drive conversion and revenue. Plus, with their ESP’s list based system, they were simply unable to create true behavior-driven journeys, relying on manual processes to determine who would receive the next step in the journey sequence.


Borrowell selects Bubblebox as their Marketing Cloud partner 

Moving to Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Borrowell knew they needed the right partner to manage the transition. Technical expertise was important but so was training, ensuring their team could manage Marketing Cloud long after the implementation.


“We are growing at an accelerated pace and we needed a partner that was knowledgeable, understood our business, and offered training to empower my team. Bubblebox delivered. They provided value every step of the way and made us feel like a valued customer,” said Simon Wyse, VP of Revenue at Borrowell.


Borrowell is a technically savvy customer with an eagerness to roll up their sleeves and apply everything they’ve learned. It was important for us to ensure education was a central part of the project and not just something that happened at the end with a few training sessions. 



“With every project, we strive to educate, train, and empower our customers to execute and manage Salesforce confidently,” says Tracey Gordon, Co-founder & VP, Professional Services & Strategy.



Enabling a Custom Integration with Marketing Cloud 

It was clear that in order to achieve scalability and implement personalized, behavior-driven journeys, Marketing Cloud needed to be integrated with their two internal databases. This was a critical action that allowed them to finally create hyper targeted segments and send personalized email content in real time, ultimately delivering on their mission to help their customers make better financial decisions. 


“Marketing Cloud has changed the way we communicate with our customers and that wouldn’t have been possible without Bubblebox. Without their expert knowledge, guidance and enablement approach, we wouldn’t have been able to get the platform up and running within our desired timeline.” - Brigitte McIntyre, Engagement Manager



A Path for Continued Growth

Through this Marketing Cloud implementation, Borrowell now has the ability to automate emails and processes, reach customers on multiple devices, ultimately strengthening their 1-to-1 relationship at every stage of the customer lifecycle. Implementing these changes has increased the team’s efficiency, giving them more time to focus on delivering great campaigns to support their  mission. We are so excited to be Borrowell’s Marketing Cloud partner, helping them make a difference in the lives of Canadians.