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After months of anticipation, Salesforce Pardot users can finally celebrate the arrival of Pardot’s NEW Engagement Studio and dive deep into the feature.

What’s the hype about Engagement Studio?

Think of Engagement Studio as the next generation of Pardot’s existing Drip Campaign. It’s a visualized, one stop shop for marketers to centralize lead generation, nurturing and reporting in a singular view.

Engagement Studio enables marketers to document their workflows with a higher level of control and greater simplicity.  Users can visually map out the lead nurturing process in one complete view. The new, intuitive feature can be broken down into three key components – building, testing and reporting – and are explored below.


    • Branching Out – Engagement Studio adopts a branching logic, making it easy for the team to understand what each touchpoint is intended to accomplish regardless of the number the paths you may wish to add, remove or modify.
    • Granular Configurations – Users have the ability to create a series of complex, pathways by adding “Rules” “Triggers” and “Actions” to their Engagement logic. With a greater number of actions to choose from, users are able to better anticipate their prospects’ activity, and engage more proactively than ever before.
      • Real Time Triggers – Triggers allow Pardot users to track and respond to their prospects’ activity based on a range of predefined actions. Has your prospect opened the email? Clicked a link within the email? These triggers will inform you of your prospect’s engagement the moment it happens so you’re able to note every step of their progression.



More ‘actions’ at your fingertips


  • Testing made easy – The ability to test in real time is a game changer. The great thing about having the test capability in the “build” stage is that you have the flexibility of walking through each and every pathway to ensure relevant communications are deployed according to the logic you’ve laid out with no risk of mistakes made.
  • Previously, Drip Campaigns required users to resume drip campaigns to send test emails to their internal lists which proved to be a timely process and problematic when specific rules were included.

    Gain more confidence with Engagement Studio’s Test feature


  • Greater campaign visibility & Comprehensive Reporting – Engagement Studio’s reporting places marketers in a better position to understand Engagement’s performance.  For example, it’s easier to identify prospects who have dropped off after opening the first email or the percentage of prospects who have completed the entire series – all through the reporting tab, complete with a high level breakdown and charts for the more visually inclined folk.

Understand campaign performance in one quick glance – Image Retrieved from Macromator


Here at Bubblebox, we’re excited to migrate our drip programs over to Engagement Studio. Looking for guidance with the exciting new lead nurturing feature? Let us arm you with the confidence you need to take your marketing to the next level, reach out to us here.