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Dynamic Content on Pages and Drop-Down Menus – especially your home page and top-level category pages:

  1. Special offers or news generated by your existing Website code, replicated by a “Web Crop” into your emails. No need to recreate them manually.
  2. Generic block with hero image, also used in your emails.
  3. Product recommendations for the individual visitor, or crowdsources from all site visits.
  4. Count-down timer to create urgency in your customer’s decisions.
  5. Display coupons based on aggregated analytics, e.g lapsed customer.
  6. real-time reports about website activity are generated on your Triggered Messaging admin pages.
  7. Personalize navigation based on each person’s history.
  8. Remind customers of recently viewed products.
  9. Display products in categories that the customer is interested in.
  10. Show and link to customer’s most recent search.

How It Works:

  • You must have already added the one-line Triggered Messaging script to your website.
  • Then you edit each Web page as normal, leaving holes for the real-time dynamic content.
  • You edit that in Triggered Messaging and paste it into the holes – resulting in “smart slots” in the web page, each linked to a “smart block” in Triggered Messaging.
  • When the Web page is displayed, the Triggered Messaging script updates it with real-time content from the smart block.

Source: Triggered Messaging; Posted September 28, 2014 by Pete Austin