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World Vision Canada is a Christian relief, development and advocacy organization working to create lasting change in the lives of children, families, and communities to overcome proverty and injustice. Inspired by Christian values, World Vision is dedicated to working with the world's most vulnerable people regardless of religion, race, ethnicity or gender. 

Prior to working with Bubblebox, World Vision had been using the Salesforce Marketing Cloud for over a year; however, the organization did not obtain the necessary training to optimize the platform's full functionality. World Vision's limited knowledge of the Marketing Cloud prevented it from executing its unique and aggressive email marketing strategy. 


Challenges & Goals

  • Optimize data synchronization between in-house data warehouse and Salesforce Marketing Cloud (SFMC)
  • Take full advantage of the SFMC platform and its features





Bubblebox conducted an Account Discovery, providing a high level overview of World Vision's SFMC Enterprise account configuration in addition to a review of their strategic marketing objectives and future platform requirements. James Carroll, Director of Supporter Experience at World Vision Canada was pleased with the overall service engagement, stating "Bubblebox came in and had us fully up to speed on what we needed to do to ramp-up our email marketing efforts."


"We already see further potential working with Bubblebox, These initial service engagements are the 'test bed' for the Marketing Cloud's further expansion within our organization." - James Carrol, Director of Supporter Experience World Vision



The Account Discovery revealed that World Vision's current data architecture and business unit configuration did not permit a fully optimized data synchronization between their in-house data warehouse and the Salesforce Marketing Cloud. Bubblebox prescribed a number of solutions that would enable the organization to streamline and manage its disparate data sources for segmentation and future customer journeys. Among the prescribed solutions were Training Essentials, bespoke training on automations and interactions, newsletter send, and new data architecture using Salesforce Marketing Cloud data extensions and SQL query functionality. 

  • World Vision is primed to gain more value from their investment in Marketing Cloud 
  • Bubblebox prescribed solutions for segmentation and an optimized user experience
  • Bubblebox solutions empower World Vision to deploy dynamic e-connect newsletters


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