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Marketing Cloud Users of Vancouver… Unite!

2016 has been shaping out to be quite a busy year and since we have a couple of projects in the works – we are excited to announce Bubblebox Co-Founder and Managing Director, Paul Gordon’s involvement and leadership in the Vancouver Salesforce Marketing Cloud User Group.

As a Salesforce Marketing Cloud Partner and a seasoned Marketing Cloud Pro, Paul brings a wealth of Marketing Cloud knowledge to the success community. During his time at Bubblebox, Paul has encountered a number of  Marketing Cloud challenges and queries from handling clients’ instances. He has been an active member in the Salesforce Vancouver User Group.

Recognizing the lack of Marketing Cloud resources and support groups within Vancouver, Paul saw value in building a success community in Vancouver with a sole focus on Marketing Cloud. Marketing Cloud User Groups are local peer-driven groups united by a common passion for sharing innovative digital marketing practices. Connect face-to-face with other Vancouver based Marketing Cloud customers for collaborative problem solving with the support of Marketing Cloud’s guidance, tools, and resources.

If you’re a Vancouver Marketing Cloud customer, the peer driven community allows you to connect with like minded Salesforce Marketing Cloud users in a whole new way. Seize the opportunity to meet a full spectrum of Community members: administrators, power users, developers, consultants, and end users.




  • Build Community
  • Foster Collaboration
  • Empower Users to Fully Leverage Marketing Cloud Features
  • Enable Success

In addition to online engagement, Salesforce Marketing Cloud Vancouver user group will also be hosting a series of events throughout the year in Vancouver, with the first event slated for Summer 2016.

Bubblebox will also be reporting on developments in the Salesforce Marketing Cloud Vancouver User Group. Be sure to subscribe to the Newsletter for announcements on Salesforce Marketing Cloud Vancouver User Group Events