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The Book Depot Partnership is North America's largest book wholesaler. It operates under the Book Outlet (retail) and Book Depot (wholesale) brands. With 500,000 square feet of books, the retailer has an enormous inventory. With over one million titles the Book Outlet team realized they needed to increase the level of personalization that customers experienced in emails and onsite. The email supplier they were using offered limited creativity, functionality and service. The marketing team wanted a supplier to deliver solutions that achieve measurable results. They also wanted an email solution that was scalable to their marketing ambitions, offered cart and browse recovery options and also the capability for real-time website personalization. 


Challenges & Goals

  • Revitalize email marketing content and strategy
  • Increase email and onsite personalization
  • Achieve measurable results and leverage insight effectively
  • Adopt a scalable marketing platform environment
  • Integrating transactional data from their existing ecommerce plartform
  • Offering appropriate product recommendations based on website behaviour
  • Ensuring continuity between onsite and in-email product feeds or recommendations




Bubblebox on-boarded Book Outlet to the Salesforce Marketing Cloud (SFMC) platform, including an integration with Fresh Relevance, SFMC offered an enterprise platform desired for revitalizing their email marketing and Fresh Relevance enabled them to personalize their four websites with product recommendations both onsite and in emails deployed via the SFMC platform. Book Outlet also took advantage of Bubblebox's Continuous Improvement Program, taking advantage of monthly consultancy hours to help develop their online marketing strategy and achieve the greatest ROI using their chosen platforms. 


"The fact that Bubblebox is our supplier of choice for both technology platforms enables us to get marketing initiatives underway in the most efficient manner." - Ian Michael, Marketing Director, Book Outlet



Bubblebox and Book Outlet are proud of their ongoing partnership and the results they've achieved together. These include: 

  • Sales Uplift: Cart recovery emails contributed to an average Sales Uplift of 27% through the use of Triggered Messaging
  • Identification Rate: Book Outlet has achieved a 96.2% identification Rate through the use of Triggered Messaging
  • Recovery Rate: Book Outlet has experienced an average Recovery Rate of 6.6.% while using Triggered Messaging


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